RFC OEM Executive Board

The Memorandum of Understanding establishing the Executive Board (EB) and containing the implementing measures of RFC OEM was signed in Luxembourg on 16 June 2011 at TTE Council.  The Executive Board is the body responsible for supervision of corridor activity and for defining the general objectives and the framework for capacity-allocation along the corridor. The Executive Board is addressed in case of issues beyond the competence of Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies or when a conflict of interest arises between them.

The RFC-Regulation has since been amended by Annex II of Regulation (EU) No 1316/2013, which has extended the Principal Route of the corridor to Germany (Bremerhaven/Wilhelmshaven/Rostock/Hamburg), and made further extensions in the South Eastern parts of the corridor (Burgas/Svilengrad concerning the Bulgarian and until Patras concerning the Greek part of the RFC).

Taking into account the extension towards Germany a new Executive Board including Germany has been established by signing a MoU replacing the one from 2011 on 5 December 2017.

The Executive Board makes its decisions on the basis of mutual consent of its members.

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