RFC 7 Interactive Map tool

This tool has been created in order to provide our Customers all necessary information related to corridor infrastructure in a single place with a quick and easy access.

How to use:
The interactive map is a macro-based Excel application, which works on MS Office 2007 or higher (tested). In order to use this tool properly macros must be enabled. If you don't have macros enabled, you will see the security warning when opening the document for the first time. Click “Options” and enable macros.

There are two main parts of the application: ’Map overview’ and database ’Detailed characteristics’. Clicking a line section on the map directs you to the database showing relevant information such as: length of line, number of tracks, axle load, electrification, availability of ERTMS etc. You can also do manual search here for example filtering to single track or non-electrified lines.

For the visual representation use the ’Toolbox’ which is located on the bottom of the map. This is a line-colouring function connected to the database, thus being able to generate different views according to the selected criteria. A legend is provided for each view. You can also use the „Fullscreen” option for the better visualization e.g. on a tablet. Re-opening the map automatically sets it back to ’default’ view.

Please note that the information provided does not constitute legal obligation. In case of deviation the information placed in Network Statements shall prevail.

Download Interactive Map

For any question please contact: coss@rfc7.com


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