RFC7 Secretariat

The Management Board of RFC7 decided to operate a Secretariat, which provides the appropriate administrative support to enable the MB to carry out its work, ensures that the tasks of the MB are properly co-ordinated, and organises all other associated aspects of corridor activity.

At the MB meeting on 15th November 2011 the members agreed that MÁV Co. shall fulfill the tasks of the Secretariat until no independent legal organization is set up for the corridor. Taking into account that RFC7 Secretariat activity is of common interest of every Party, its cost is covered jointly by the MB member IMs and AB.

Responsibilities of the Secretariat are listed in the Internal Rules and the Secretariat Agreement as follows.

  • Corresponds on behalf of the MB with third parties (one-channel communication).
  • Coordinates the work of MB in other associations and organisations to represent the interests of the MB and its members.
  • Organises the MB and Advisory Groups meetings.
  • Prepares proposals for agendas of MB and AG meetings.
  • Coordinates the preparation of the working documents for MB, AG and EB meetings.
  • Reports to the EB on the main developments of the RFC7.
  • Draws up the minutes of the MB, AG meetings.
  • Monitors deadlines of corridor activities, and initiates corridor work accordingly.
  • Monitors EU legislation related to RFC.
  • Archives documents created in the framework of corridor activities.
  • Prepares quarterly reports about corridor activities for ordinary MB meetings.
  • Prepares reports about corridor activities to third parties.
  • Up-dates the content of the corridor website.
  • Coordinates the preparation and updating of the Implementation plan.
  • Records the costs of corridor activities of the MB.
  • Prepares applications for EU funding.
  • Prepares proposal for the annual budget of the MB.
  • Concludes and manages contracts on behalf the MB (in line with budget plan approved by MB).
  • Although the communication with national regulatory bodies of Member States is a national competence, the Secretariat is the body which shall be informed on investigations and their results in connection with RFC7. Collected information has to be submitted to the MB.
  • Carries out its activity in harmony with MB decisions and instructions, and accordingly shall be entitled to ignore the instructions of single members of the MB.

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