Route of Rail Freight Corridor 7 Route of Rail Freight Corridor 7

Route of
RFC Orient/East-Med

Principal  linePrincipal line
Diversionary lineDiversionary line
 Connecting lineConnecting line


For the 3rd time running, the 10 Rail Freight Corridors would like to initiate a coordinated consultation of all interested applicants to collect international capacity wishes and needs for the annual timetable 2021. The C-OSS will contact our business partners and potential customers during the summer period to get feedback and on the basis of the survey Rail Freight Corridors will use the results to build the PaP Catalogues for timetable 2021.
All C-OSS will centralize the information received and will coordinate further with all colleagues of the different Corridors, with the utmost respect for the confidential nature of the data. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Event calendar

29 October 2019

  • High level meeting with Mr M.Grosch – Budapest

15 October 2019

  • Next Advisory Group meeting – Budapest

25 September 2019

  • Next Management Board Meeting - Budapest

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