RFC OEM Advisory Groups

Involvement of business partners in rail freight corridor establishment and operation is important for the infrastructure managers and allocation body of the corridor, because transport services cannot be provided without their active participation in the production process. Therefore, an Advisory Group of Railway Undertakings and an Advisory Group of Terminals have been established.

According to Articles 8.7 and 8.8 of Regulation 913/2010/EU, the Advisory Groups may issue an opinion on any proposal by the Management Board which has direct consequences for their members, and they may also issue own-initiative opinions. Participation in the Advisory Groups is voluntary.

A complete list was prepared of Railway Undertakings contracted with involved IMs and of Terminals along the corridor in early 2012, and the MB of RFC7 informed all these companies about the act of rail freight corridor formation, and invited them for an initial meeting on national level.

The Kick-off Meetings of Advisory Groups of RFC OEM were organized on 30 October 2012, when participants of the meetings signed Letters of Intent about setting up of the Advisory Groups of RFC7.

Since their establishment, the MB has asked for the opinion of AGs in respect of the content of the Transport Market Study, the Investment Plan, the C-OSS Operation Rules and Priority Rules. Some of their proposals have been accepted, some others are under discussion inside the Working Groups of the MB.

Principally RFC OEM Secretariat acts as a single channel of communication between RFC OEM MB and RFC OEM AGs, it spreads material for consultation to every company registered as AG member, and receives feedback from the Leaders of the two AG only, which contains the opinion of all AG members.

The flow of information is illustrated below.

RU AG Representative: Rail Cargo Hungária Zrt. (corridor7AG@railcargo.hu)
Founding Members: 
Rail Cargo Austria AG; METRANS /Danubia/ a.s.; Rail Cargo Hungária Zrt. ; AWT RAIL HU Zrt.; DB Schenker Rail Hungária Kft.; GYSEV Cargo Zrt.; SC Unitrans SA; CFR MARFA SA

Terminal AG Representative: Rail Cargo Austria AG
Deputy Representative: WienCont Container Terminal GmbH
Founding Members: 
Bohemiakombi; Rail Cargo Austria AG; WienCont Container Terminal; METRANS /Danubia/ a.s.; Business Park Sturovo Railway; BILK Kombiterminál; GYSEV Cargo; AWT RAIL HU Zrt.; MLSZKSZ; CFR Marfa S.A.;  DB Schenker Rail Hungária Kft.

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