Rail Freight Corridors Joint Capacity Wishes Survey 2025-2026

For the 8th time running, the 11 Rail Freight Corridors would like to initiate a coordinated consultation of all interested applicants, to collect international capacity wishes and needs for timetable 2025 and 2026. Click on the article for details.

Rail Freight Corridors PCS trainings 2024

The Rail Freight Corridors, in close cooperation with RNE (Rail Net Europe), are pleased to announce a number of PCS trainings scheduled in early 2024. The annual training focuses on the corridor specific functions in PCS, and provides you with valuable, practical insights needed for requesting Capacity on the Rail Freight Corridors for timetable 2025. Please click on the article for more details.

Publication of Reserve Capacity for timetable 2024

We are happy to announce that RFC Orient/East-Med published Reserve Capacity for timetable 2024, which is now accessible in Path Coordination System (PCS). Please click on the article for more details.