Rail Freight Corridor Orient / East-Med is utilising the IT-tools developed by RailNetEurope, an association of European infrastructure managers. Four systems constitute the technical framework, each of them serving a different purpose. 


rne pcs



Path Coordination System (PCS) is a web application provided by RNE to Infrastructure Managers (IMs), Allocation Bodies (ABs) and Path Applicants that handles the communication and co-ordination processes for international path requests and path offers. Furthermore PCS assists Railway Undertakings (RUs) and Applicants in their pre-co-ordination tasks related to train path studies and international train path requests. In short, the PCS tool reflects RNE’s OSS (One Stop Shop) philosophy of providing support to business processes and daily activities.

Path Coordination System (PCS) is being used for approximately 95% of all international path requests in the passenger business.

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rne tis



The need for mobility and flexibility across Europe of both goods and people is steadily increasing.

The Train Information System (TIS) will make real-time, online supervision of European rail traffic possible for the first time. The tool was developed for a given corridor of railway lines running between Rotterdam and Milan and will assist railway operators to follow their trains. The range of the tool has already been extended to further parts of the European railway network.

The new system's first priority is the real-time management (Information Model) of railway traffic inside and outside the borders of the participating countries. Furthermore, all the data must be recorded and accessible for analysis at any time (Reporting Model). Such analysis will provide accurate information about critical points in the railway network and thus derive suitable measures for quality improvement.

TIS concept

  •     supports traffic management on a high level
  •     monitors international trains from origin to destination on the involved IMs network
  •     information source for international quality analysis

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Charging Information System

The Charging Information System (CIS) is an infrastructure charging information system for Applicants. It is provided by Infrastructure Managers (IMs) and Allocation Bodies (ABs) and operated by RailNetEurope. The web-based application provides fast information on charges related to the use of European rail infrastructure and estimates the price for the use of international train paths within minutes. It is an umbrella application for the various national rail infrastructure charging systems. At the moment, the CIS covers the network of more than 20 European Infrastructure Managers and is being enhanced continuously.

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Customer Information Platform

The Customer Information Platform (CIP) is an interactive, Internet-based information tool. By means of a Graphical User Interface (GUI), CIP provides precise information on the routing, terminals, infrastructure investment projects and maintenance works as well as basic track properties of the participating Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs).

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