CID provides all information you need about Rail Freight Corridor Orient/East-Med, such as legal background, infrastructure characteristics, access conditions, description of terminals along the route, capacity allocation and traffic management processes.

CID applies the RNE CID Common Texts and Structure so that all applicants can access similar documents along different corridors and in principle, as is the case with national Network Statements, find the same information at the same place in each one.

CID for timetable 2025 can be found below (last updated: 08-01-2024):

CID for timetable 2024 can be found below (last updated: 08-01-2024):

RailNetEurope provides a glossary for the terms related to the network statements and the Corridor Information Document.
The glossary can be downloaded from the following page:  


Corridor Information Document versions from past timetable years can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. Documents not having been amended between timetable years are displayed in merged cells.

  TT 2023 TT2022
CID Sections 1-4 pdf pdf
Annex 4A pdf
Implementation Plan pdf pdf
Annex 1 MoU Establishing the Executive Board pdf
Annex 2 MoU Establishing the Management Board pdf
Annex 3 Letters of Intent of Advisory Groups zip
Annex 4 Rules of AG Consultation pdf
Annex 5 Transport Market Study pdf
Annex 6 Investment Plan pdf
Annex 7 RFC OEM C-OSS Operational Rules pdf pdf
  TT 2021 TT 2020 TT 2019 TT 2018
Book 1 pdf pdf pdf pdf
Book 2 pdf pdf pdf pdf
Book 3 pdf pdf pdf pdf
Book 4 pdf pdf pdf zip
Annex 4A pdf pdf pdf
Book 5 pdf pdf pdf pdf
Annex 1 pdf pdf
Annex 2 pdf pdf
Annex 3 zip
Annex 4 pdf
Annex 5 pdf pdf
Annex 6 pdf zip