Route of Rail Freight Corridor 7 Route of Rail Freight Corridor 7

Route of
RFC Orient/East-Med

Principal  linePrincipal line
Diversionary lineDiversionary line
 Connecting lineConnecting line


Possible re-start to use the disrupted line between Nagymaros and Szob
According to the works and planned schedule the traffic can be started on one track from 13th July 2020. Due to the continuous constructing works the traffic on the second line can start from August 2020. In the interim period, Rusovce – Rajka and Komárno – Komárom border crossings should still be used for freight traffic. The coordination of works, capacity and the information-flow is ensured with the relevant RU-s and IM-s. Read more

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6 October 2020

Next Advisory Groups’ meeting – Bratislava

29 September 2020

RFC OEM Management Board Meeting

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