Rail Freight Corridors Joint Capacity Wishes Survey 2025-2026

Dear Business Partner, 

For the 8th time running, the 11 Rail Freight Corridors would like to initiate a coordinated consultation of all interested applicants, to collect your international capacity wishes and needs for timetable 2025 and 2026. 

The result of this survey will be one of the main elements that the Rail Freight Corridors will use to build the PaP Catalogues for timetable 2026 and reserve capacity for timetable 2025. 

We invite you to list your desired international train paths to be pre-constructed as detailed as possible, from origin to destination, in the file attached, including the parts of your partner companies (where available). This information will be used by the involved Infrastructure Managers to construct capacity products in a market-oriented way, under the coordination of the RFCs. Upon receiving a completed file, the submitting applicant might be invited to a bilateral exchange for clarification purposes.  
We can, under no circumstances guarantee the pre-construction of all expressed traffic needs nor will there be any priority in allocation linked to the construction of similar capacity, however, providing us with this information will enable us to build an international path offer closer to your needs. 

The following documents can be found attached to this article: 

  • the template to be used for expressing your international capacity wishes - DOWNLOAD FILE 
  • a brief guide to help you to fill in the template - DOWNLOAD FILE 

Please return your filled-in file to any OSS of a Rail Freight Corridor (please find the contact list below). We ask you to submit your international capacity needs by 16th August, but understand that a different optimal sending date (sooner or later) might be more advisable in certain cases. Please contact your C-OSS of choice if you have any doubts about this matter.  
All C-OSS will centralize the information received and coordinate further with all colleagues of the different Corridors, with the utmost respect for the confidential nature of the data. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact any of us. 

We thank you for your ever-growing interest in the Rail Freight Corridors!

Yours sincerely,