An overview about the RFC OEM PaP offer for TT2024 is available via the following link:

RFC OEM PaP Catalogue timetable 2024

Last update: 23 January 2023.


Reduce your efforts of requesting infrastructure capacity by using the service of Rail Freight Corridor Orient/East-Med! We are offering harmonised international train paths for freight with improved performance, which can be requested at the same place and same time via our Corridor One-Stop Shop (C-OSS). No need to contact the allocation offices of each network on your train's route, just contact our C-OSS!

We are offering off-the-shelf capacity products, which are still equipped with the necessary flexibility to suit your individual needs. Capacity for the annual timetable is labelled as 'pre-arranged path' (PaPs), while during the ad-hoc request phase please look for our 'Reserve capacity' (RC). Both products are displayed in a transparent way in the IT tool 'Path Coordination System' (PCS). Details can be found in Section 4 of the Corridor Information Document.

Should you need to look beyond our catalogues, and seek for a tailor-made solution, do not hesitate to consult our C-OSS, which will arrange and harmonise individual train paths provided for the networks on your route, and submit to you the capacity from the different infrastructure managers in one package.



Requests for RFC products can be placed online using PCS.

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