23 January 2023
RFC Joint Capacity Wishes Survey

C-OSS Newsletter 23-01-2023

You may download the latest C-OSS newsletter, which intends to provide you with a handful and fresh information regarding our latest developments, offers and services.

05 January 2023
Strymon-Promachon line reconstruction 08-01-2023

Reconstruction of Strymon-Promachon line from 08-01-2023

The reconstriction of line Strymon - Promachon will start on 8th January 2023 and will last approximately 10 months. Please click on the article for details.

29 November 2022

International incident between Komárom - Komárno updated: 18-01-2023

On 25 November a freight train derailed between Komárom and Komárno, in Slovakia, damaging overhead lines and the tracks. Border section Komárom - Komárno is closed. The restoration work is expected to take days.

24 November 2022

International incident between Meinersen and Leiferde updated: 12-12-2022

Due to a train collision of 2 freight trains between Meinersen and Leiferde (nearby Gifhorn) (route Hannover – Wolfsburg) on Thursday, November 17 at around 3:26 am, the ICM case (international incident lasting longer >3 days) is declared by DB Netz for RFC Orient East/Med and RFC North Sea-Baltic, the affected area is on both corridors. Please click on the article for more details.

17 November 2022

Rail Freight Corridors PCS trainings 2023

The Rail Freight Corridors, in close cooperation with RNE (Rail Net Europe), are pleased to announce a number of PCS trainings scheduled in early 2023. The annual training focuses on the corridor specific functions in PCS, and provides you with valuable, practical insights needed for requesting Capacity on the Rail Freight Corridors for timetable 2024. Please click on the article for more details.