26 July 2021

CIP rolled out to the entire RFC network

The Customer Information Platform (CIP) now provides customer-relevant information on railway infrastructure in 26 European countries covering the all RFCs

20 July 2021

International incident on line Děčín – Bad Schandau (updated: 26-07-2021)

Bad Schandau - Děčín line is re-opened for freight trains. Currently limited operation is allowed: single track, 24 freight trains per day.

24 June 2021
Illustration - Infrastructure restriction 24.6.2021

Infrastructure restriction between Břeclav and Hodonín (last update: 02-07-2021)

Let us inform you about a very recent infrastructure restriction on the network of the Czech infrastructure manager Správa železnic between Břeclav and Hodonín.

17 May 2021
RFC Joint Capacity Wishes Survey

Rail Freight Corridors Joint Capacity Wishes Survey 2022-2023

For the 5th time running, the 11 Rail Freight Corridors would like to initiate a coordinated consultation of all interested applicants, to collect international capacity wishes and needs for 2022 and 2023. Click on the article for details.

26 April 2021
Online meeting

Summary of the Advisory Groups’ meeting

On 14 of April 2021 Rail Freight Corridor Orient/East-Med held a meeting for its Advisory Groups comprising both the Railway Undertakings and the Terminal Managers of the corridor. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 the RAG/TAG meeting was organised via video-conference.