International incident: total closure on line Budapest - Hegyeshalom updated:12-07-2022
ICM Biatorbagy 2022-07-10


Update of 12-07-2022:

The restoration works have been finished, both tracks are operational. There is a speed restriction of 40 km/h at the scene of the accident (approximately 100m long).  


Update of 11-07-2022:

From 18:30, one of the tracks has become operational with a speed restriction of 40 km/h. The restoration of the second track is expected to be finished by 12th July.


On 10th July two freight trains collided on line Budapest-Keleti - Hegyeshalom border between Biatorbágy and Herceghalom stations. The freight cars derailed, blocking both tracks and severely damaging them.

According to the plans, one track will be passable from 11th July. The reconstruction works of the second track can last for 5-7 days, thus a significant capacity reduction shall be expected during this period. 

Pictures taken on site (source: MÁVINFORM):