International incident on line Szajol - Lőkösháza border updated: 11-08-2023
2023-07-09 HU derail

Update of 11-08-2023:

The restoration works have been finished, from 20:00 on 11 August both tracks are operational. 


Update of 28-07-2023:

Technical inspections of the concerned track section have revealed that measures necessary for repairing the second track shall take further weeks. Superstructure and even parts of the substructure suffered damage on a 2 km long stretch. The experts of MÁV are persistantly working on the damaged track section in order to complete the repair procedure. Further update shall be provided as soon as the expected date of completion is revealed.  


Update of 15-07-2023:

One track is operational from 17:55 on 15 July. Available capacity on the section is 7 trains per hour.
Reconstruction works on the other track is expected to take several days.  


On 9th July at 12:07 a freight train derailed with several wagons in Hungary on line Szajol - Lőkösháza border between Tiszatenyő and Mezőtúr stations. Both tracks and the overhead line is damaged. Lőkösháza - Curtici border crossing is affected in the incident.
For international trains between Hungary and Romania the following alternative routes are available:

  1. Szajol - Püspökladány (diesel traction only) - Biharkeresztes - Episcopia
  2. Szajol - Debrecen (diesel traction only) - Nyírábrány - Valea lui Mihai
  3. Cegléd - Szeged (diesel traction only) - Hódmezővásárhely - Békéscsaba - Lőkösháza - Curtici

The restoration work is expected to take days.